Memeber Spotlight: Karen Schultz

Many people work behind the scenes to make sure the Sour Sitrus Society is ready for every event. At the head of this team is our Chairman, Karen Schultz!

“I love Sitrus because being a member of this organization never fails to remind me how music can bring people together. We can be cheering on our basketball teams in the final seconds of an intense NCAA tournament game or cheering on runners at mile 7 of the local 10 mile Mountain Goat Run and people are always grateful for our presence. It’s beyond rewarding to be thanked for doing something we all love doing: playing music together.”



Member Spotlight: Meredith Vondran


It takes two to conduct the #1 Pep Band in the Land. Meet Meredith, our other director!

“I joined the Sour Sitrus Society because my high school band director said that Pep Band at the college level is a lot of fun and definitely worth considering. My favorite memories this far have been from traveling in the post-season. My favorite trips have been the 2015 Men’s Regional Tournament in Chicago and both the 2015 and 2016 Women’s ACC Tournaments. “

Member Spotlight: Sonia Richman


Sonia Richman is half of our dynamic director duo! How did she get there?

“After joining Sitrus last year as a freshmen, I fell in love with the atmosphere of the basketball games. It was amazing to get to entertain crowds as a trombone player. Now, as a director of music, getting to conduct is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so excited for basketball season to start so we can get the band rolling, we’re going to sound great this year and I can’t wait to support our teams!”

Member Spotlight: Caitlin Mogan


Caitlin Mogan is tearing up the Alto Sax Section! Hear her Sitrus Story:

“I arrived on campus for the first time during the spring semester, so Sitrus was the first organization I decided to be a part of. I was excited to have an opportunity to play sax again in a fun, energetic environment. Playing courtside at the men’s and women’s basketball games is an incredible experience, especially when surrounded by talented friends!”

Member Spotlight: Kevin Quinn

Meet Kevin and hear what he has to say about the Sour Sitrus Society!

“I love being a part of the atmosphere of the games. The free courtside seats are a plus too.”

His favorite memory? 
“Watching the men’s basketball team beat UVA and advancing to the Final Four while I was in Sioux Falls, SD with the women’s basketball team. I was also listed to travel with the men’s team to the Final Four in Houston, so that made it all the more exciting.”


Member Spotlight: Charlie Goldberg

What time is it? It’s Sitrus Season! Hear what second-year band member and Director of Personnel, Charlie Goldberg, has to say about Sour Sitrus Society!

“The best part about Sitrus is being able to create an atmosphere for the all of the basketball games. A lot of that comes from the people around you who want to make music, scream for the team, and have a great time. In marching band, it can be difficult to meet everybody because we are so large and we always perform together. In the Sour Sitrus Society, the smaller bands at games have allowed me to make friends outside of my section and become more involved with the other members who want to be a part of the game day experience. The people in this picture are just a few of the many people that I have become friends with because of this organization’s intimate environment. As this year’s secretary, I hope to give everyone a place to meet new people who enjoy music and bleed orange. With a new basketball team and a new band advisor helping to guide us, this year is going to be special.”