The Best Class on Campus

There’s something that happens during the final minutes of a game that really gets to you. It’s in that moment, just before you press your horn to your face to blare louder than the cheers of the fans- students and public alike- around you. You get changed, you grow excited and confident, you feel like your heart is going to stop. And it just might, because you’re right there, on the sidelines. You can see the sweat on the players and feel their energy. You get loud; which for a person like me who doesn’t have even the slightest inside voice, feels incredible. The Sour Sitrus Society is what takes you there. It’s what makes you loud and frames you as a part of something bigger, but still individual.

As a sophomore who had dabbled in the baritone, I wandered into the meeting for the Sour Sitrus Society looking for something to fill my evenings that, well, wasn’t science. All my fellow marching band-mates had practically melted over how awesome Sitrus was, so I decided to check it out. Little did I know that their enthusiasm was only scratching the paint of the sheer epicness of the Sour Sitrus Society, and that I was about to walk face first into what was to become one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Being a part of the Sour Sitrus Society is more than just being in a band. You become not just a musician, but a symbol of the university and a voice of the students. You represent. I love Sitrus because it glues you with friends you’ll have forever, and it gives you a voice. Sitrus is opportunity; it sent me as far west as California, and brought me to the courtside at the Final Four. It gave me a chance to take something I love- the baritone- and make something great out of it. Not only is The Sour Sitrus Society the most upbeat, fun, incredible class you will take, it is opportunity just waiting to be had.  Not only will you be given an adventure in the form of sheet music and game tickets, you’ll be making some incredible friends to share the journey with you.

Lindsay- SSS BaritoneImage


Meet the 2013-2014 E-Board

As the new year quickly approaches, we would like to welcome a new group of leadership onto the court! If you have any questions regarding joining (highly encouraged), suggestions, or concerns, please come and talk to them!

Chairman- Morgan Edwards

Secretary- Ashley Orifice

Treasurer- Meghan Jacoby

Director- Anthony Walker

Director- Anthony Veiga


To contact them, as stated before, email

Welcome to the Sour Sitrus Society!

Welcome to the Sour Sitrus Society blog! As most of you know, we are Syracuse University’s student-run pep band. After seeing how successful the SUMBlog has become, we figured why not follow suit and create a place where we can share all of the wonderful things Sitrus does with past, present, and (hopefully) future members and fans! This blog will have everything from our schedule, pictures, videos, and blog posts from students in our organization. If you are or were in the Sour Sitrus Society and would like to write a blog post for this new site, please email and they can get you all set up! As for now, like us on Facebook and Twitter and share our blog!!